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You worship nothing but yourself. You pray to a God who is fundamentally flawed. You will be erased like everyone else who opposes me.

–Shadow Herobrine to Mustard in Episode 30 of Annoying Villagers

Shadow Herobrine is the main antagonist in the pursuit against Mustard and a member of the Herobrine Forces. Shadow Herorine possesses the Player LemonYellowQAQ.


Shadow Herobrine bears the default skin and depiction of 'Herobrine'. but with parts of his body black and corrupted.


Shadow Herobrine has the same personality as all other Herobrine doppelgangers, violent, evil, and mysterious.


"Me and the rest of the viewers don't know what's happening...”

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Forest Rampage

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He along with a few other Herobrine doppelgangers and Null were out looking for Mustard. Shadow  

Screenshot (261).png

Shadow Herobrine killing one of Mustard golems and killing the cow

Herobrine later finds one of Mustard's Golems chasing an cow. Shadow Herobrine instantly impales the golem and cow with obsidian. He then states that he has to pick off as many as possible (Mustard's golems) before he is detected.  

Suddenly, Mustard appears from behind him and yells that he sees him. Shadow Herobrine then jumps at Mustard in an attempt to impale him with obsidian. After a bit of dialogue, two of Mustard's golems begin attacking Shadow Herobrine, but they are quickly overpowered by him. After some time, Shadow Herobrine runs off into a nearby forest in an attempt to lure and kill the golems and use their imobility to his advantage. He is at first succesful, and manages to defeat one of the golems and imobilize the other. Although, right after he imobilized the golem, the Corrupted Iron Golem appears behind him unknowingly and attacks him. 

Shadow Herobrine is then knocked back to where Mustard was. Right after, the two Golems appear behind Shadow Herobrine. Mustard then creates two more Golems and orders all of the them to attack him. Suddenly, flying swords and tools strike the two Golems standing behind Shadow Herobrine. One is defeated and the Corrupted Golem manages to escape with the use of an enderpearl. The tools manipulater then appears, reavealing himself to be Null. 

The Hunt Continues

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Null then jumps down and begins attacking the Corrupted Golem while Shadow Herobrine fights one of the other Golems. Null quickly realizes that he is no match for the Corrupted Golem, and at one point is about to be punched by the Corrupted Golem, but is saved by Shadow Herobrine. Mustard, realizing that Shadow Herobrine and Null were much more powerful than he had expected, decided to do a "strategic retreat" , leaving the two golems behind to fight. Shadow Herobrine then tells Null that there are zombie squads scattered throughout the area, and to let Mustard waste his energy on them.   

They then fight the two golems separately, and eventually are able to defeat one of them. Shadown Herobrine shortly after tells the Corrupted Golem to speak, to show him his consciousness. The Corrupted Golem then in a grunting voice, tells him that he has been programmed to maintain the preservation of his master and thus, he shall not let him pass. Shadow Herobrine then asks him if he is able to disobey his programming. The Corrupted Golem then tells him his  

Shadow Herobrine faces of against the Corrupted Golem.

programmed number letter name and malfunctions while saying it. Shadow Herobrine then says that those who disobey rules have more potential then those who obey rules. The Corrupted Golem then looks down at his hands, thinking about what he had just said. Shadow Herobrine then tells Null that he will take care of him, and to stick to medium to long range fighting. Null replies with "understood" and jumps away. What happens right after between Shadow Herobrine and the Corrupted Golem is unknown, but both survive. Later, Shadow Herobrine finds Mustard standing by Joe the Pufferfish.  

The Deathmatch Begins

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The 'Herobrine Clones' transfer their upper-energy reserves to Shadow Herobrine.

Joe the Pufferfish begins telling Shadow Herobrine and Mustard that he is Joe the Pufferfish and that he is the strongest. Shadow Herobrine ignores Joe and shoots obsidian at Mustard, which is then destroyed by an inflated Joe. Joe then knocks Shadow Herobrine away. Shadow Herobrine then gets up into a tree, and observes Joe, and wonders if he was the creature that had absorbed most of the power from the aquatic update. The Corrupted Golem then appears from above and knocks Shadow Herobrine out of the tree and begins running at him. The two then have a short fight before Shadow Herobrine decides to request energy from all nearby  

Shadow Herobrine's releases a tremendous burst of warped and twisted Obsidian poles.

Herobrines. Joe decides to watch, and doesn't interfere with the two. After receiving the energy, Shadow Herobrine is able to gain the upper hand over the Corrupted Golem and at one point, is able to trap him with obsidian. He then pulls out a fiery eye of ender and yells "obsidian machine gun" and then like a machine gun, obsidian poles begin shooting out at the Corrupted Golem. The Corrupted Golem then uses his sword to break the obsidian and then blows the sword up, setting himself free. Shadow Herobrine shows that he is quite impressed. He then wonders what else Mustard hid in the Corrupted Golem. Later, Shadow Herobrine requests more energy reserves. Right after, three pink eyes of ender enter the Corrupted Golem, which instantly give him more power. The Corrupted Golem instantly pulls out a pink big sword, and begins spam striking at Shadow Herobrine, which overwhelms him. The Corrupted Golem then steps back equips a fiery wand. A fiery lazer is shot at Shadow Herobrine which hits him and causes an explosion. 

The Villain's Fate

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Shadow Herobrine's Vessel

Shadow Herobrine was not dead and persisted, he and the Corrupted Golem fought again, but Shadow Herobrine drew in even more power and sent obsidian straight through the Corrupted Golem. Joe the Pufferfish then takes matters into his own hands and directly engages the supercharged but weakened Shadow Herobrine. Shadow Herobrine dies, leaving his vessel poisoned and about to die.  

Techniques and Abilities

Obsidian Manipulation

Main article: Obsidian Manipulation

Shadow Herobrine and many other Herobrine Vessels are able to control obsidian by manipulating and shaping it to their will at the expense of energy.

Ability Description
Obsidian Clusters - releases a cluster of obsidian poles that penetrates and inflicts damage to an enemy
Obsidian Shield - A defensive technique created by manipulating obsidian, blocking and making Shadow Herobrine immune to physical attacks
Obsidian Fists - a secondary defense used to block incoming attacks such as swords
Obsidian Machine Gun - a special move where Shadow Herobrine cages his opponent then begins to fire obsidian rapidly.



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  • Shadow Herobrine was essentially the first vessel to use 'Glowing Obsidian' aside from other Herobrine clones.
  • As per witnessed throughout the Episodes, Shadow Herobrine was the first character with a different skin from the other Herobrine Vessels.
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